Brantford Golf & Country Club appoints WAC Golf for renovation

Brantford Golf & Country Club appoints WAC Golf for renovation
Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Brantford Golf & Country Club in Ontario, Canada, has appointed Whitman, Axland & Cutten (WAC Golf) to renovate its golf course.

Members of the club approved a project put forward by golf course architects Rod Whitman and Keith Cutten following a course study that began in 2018.

Recognised as one of North America’s oldest clubs, Brantford’s layout was originally designed by Nicol and Stanley Thompson, before being renovated in the early 1960s by Robbie Robinson.

For their master plan, Whitman and Cutten looked at the entire facility to identify areas of possible improvement, in both design and maintenance. The pair will aim to improve infrastructure, add more enjoyment for golfers, and restore a look and feel to the course closer to the original style.

“Our intent is to inject variety and nuance back into the features influencing golf at Brantford, while simultaneously implementing a harmonious design style throughout the golf course,” said Whitman.

“Brantford is interesting golf on a beautiful property,” said Cutten. “Our team is excited by this opportunity to restore a look and feel that celebrates Brantford’s distinctive history and architectural pedigree. We believe our plan will cement Brantford’s reputation as one of Canada’s preeminent clubs, well into the future.”

Work will include green expansions, upgrades to green surrounds, new mowing lines and angles of play, new tees, and a bunker strategy designed to bring enjoyment and challenge to golfers of all abilities. Bunkers will be renovated to a style more in keeping with the design’s history.

There will also be irrigation system upgrades designed by consultant Tim Fredericks.

“Whitman, Axland & Cutten’s vision and workmanship will inevitably create a one-of-a-kind experience for our members and their guests,” said golf course superintendent Stephen Hicks. “These improvements will set our club up for long-term success.”

The project is scheduled to be completed in two phases beginning in September 2021 with work including the sixth, sixteenth and seventeenth holes, and there will be a particular focus on the greens. Work on the remaining holes is scheduled to continue in 2022.