Brian Curley starts work on third nine at Stone Valley

  • Stone Valley

    Construction is under way on a third nine at Stone Valley resort in Vietnam

  • Stone Valley

    The new 'C' course complements the original 18 holes, designed by Brian Curley, which were completed in 2018

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Brian Curley of Schmidt-Curley Design has started a project to extend the recently-opened course at Stone Valley Golf Resort near Hanoi, Vietnam, from 18 to 27 holes.

The resort, developed by Truong An Golf Company, opened its first 18 holes, also designed by Curley, in 2018, and construction on the third nine is now in progress. “From the beginning there was discussion of adding golf on various adjacent properties,” said Curley.

The project to build the new par-36 nine began two months ago. Most of the clearing has been done and two holes have been rough-shaped. Earth-moving is expected to be completed by August for a summer grow-in.

“Being in a valley, these holes should be more dramatic, especially the par-four fifth with a massive backdrop,” said Curley. “My desire is to match the other nines in playability, look and bunkering. Greens and tees will be much larger, to deal with the lessened sun exposure that the valley brings.”

The course is being built in-house and the lead shaper for the project is Ron Leck, who also shaped the original 18. It will be grassed with Celebration bermuda from Atlas Turf International.