Bunker project complete at Golf de l’Isle Adam near Paris

  • Golf de l’Isle Adam
    Golf de l’Isle Adam

    The new bunker complex on the twelfth hole at Golf de l’Isle Adam, located north of Paris, France

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Golf de l’Isle Adam, located north of Paris, France, has completed a bunker renovation project on its Ronald Fream-designed golf course.

Work began in 2016 following the acquisition of the club in 2013 by First Shanghai Investment, with the first phase of work completed in January 2021. An architect from Golfplan approved the renovation, with Leslie Pillier, the club’s head greenkeeper at the time, leading the project and overseeing an in house construction team.

“With this bunker design, we have created new ways to challenge players,” said Etienne Pillier, Leslie’s son and the current head greenkeeper. “We have an island bunker complex on the eighth, which was the original signature hole on the course. There are two new bunkers at the par-three thirteenth, and a very original design at the twelfth – the idea was to create an island-style greenside complex similar in shape to our club logo, a lapwing bird!”

Pillier says that the twelfth, following the bunker project, can now be considered the course’s signature hole.

“I am very grateful to First Shanghai Investment, Golfplan and our general manager for allowing us to go forward with this bunker project, which has been completed without disturbing the original Ronald Fream design.”

First Shanghai Investment has recently opened a new four-star boutique hotel, Le Domaine des Vanneaux, near the clubhouse.