Bunker project reaches completion at Wellingborough Golf Club

  • Lovely Golf Course

    The project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule

  • Lovely Golf Course

    Swan Golf Design oversaw the work, with FJ Lovell Landscapes leading the construction effort

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A bunker renovation project has been completed at Wellingborough Golf Club in Northamptonshire, UK.

The project has been led by Swan Golf Designs, with William Swan from the firm overseeing the work.

More than 40 bunkers have been added to the course. A further two were added back in 2015 as a trial ahead of the full project.

The construction phase of the project got underway in September, and was carried out in a single phase by FJ Lovell Landscapes. The work was completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

“The bunker renovation at Wellingborough has been a text book example of how such a project can and should be executed,” said William Swan. “The club identified what they felt was a relative weakness in their course, set out clear objectives of what they wanted to achieve and then allowed sufficient time to find the correct solutions and plan for their execution. In the three years since my first visit to Wellingborough in December 2014 we have thoroughly analysed the layout, designed a new bunker strategy, developed a site-specific construction specification and carried out a competitive tender process to ensure best possible value for the club. Most importantly, the construction was then completed in just eight weeks with minimal disruption to play. The project has now been passed into the capable hands of head greenkeeper Steve Mackie and his team to grow-in the works and ready them for play by spring 2018.”