Canadian owner-operator appoints Lobb + Partners for seven-course review

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    Rich Glass

    Canadian owner-operator GolfBC Group has appointed Lobb + Partners to undertake a seven-course review (Nicklaus North pictured)

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    John and Jeannine Henebry

    Lobb + Partners will review courses – including Gallagher's Canyon, pictured – and identify areas of improvement, while respecting the original architect

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    Lobb + Partners

    Brett Finlayson, Andy Hedley, Alex Hay and Oliver Tubb at GolfBC Group headquarters in Vancouver, Canada

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Canadian owner-operator GolfBC Group has appointed Lobb + Partners to undertake a seven-course review.

Lobb + Partners will review the architectural nature of GolfBC’s seven golf courses in British Columbia including Olympic View, originally designed by Bill Robinson in 1990; Gallagher’s Canyon, also designed by Robinson in the late 1970s; and Nicklaus North, laid out by Nicklaus Design in 1996.

Lobb + Partners will review each of the seven properties and identify opportunities that will allow for improved on-course playability and strategy, enhanced sustainability initiatives and to maximise the aesthetic value for players while respecting the original integrity of the course architects.

“It is always a thrill to work with clients who seek to make their golf facilities player friendly, sustainable, adaptable to an evolving market and maintenance friendly,” said Tim Lobb. “We greatly look forward to collaborating with GolfBC to implement intelligent design solutions to their exceptional venues.

“Part of our vision for establishing a presence in Canada is to work with likeminded clients who value the importance of their golf courses and the positive impact of well-considered design solutions. We are excited to join the Canadian golf community and look forward to assisting owners and operators for many years to come.”

“Our director of grounds maintenance, Brett Finlayson and I undertook a comprehensive interview process to carefully appoint the correct design partner for our group,” said Andy Hedley, VP of golf operations at GolfBC Group.

“It was imperative the selected design firm had a thorough understanding of multi course ownership dynamics while delivering design solutions that enhance the playing experiences for our customers. We greatly look forward to working with Tim Lobb, Alex Hay and Oliver Tubb from their British Columbia base.”

The work is expected to start later in 2020 with further review in 2021.