Chris Wilczynski to create masterplan for Chautauqua Golf Club

Chris Wilczynski to create masterplan for Chautauqua Golf Club
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Architect Chris Wilczynski has been hired to create a masterplan for the Chautauqua Golf Club in Chautauqua, New York.

The Lake course at the club was originally designed by Donald Ross in 1924, and Wilczynski is approaching the current project by trying to envisage how Ross would want to enhance the course today.

“The goal with the Lake course is to follow Donald Ross’ design philosophy and principles,” said Wilczynski. “I want to look at this through his lens. Would he restore the course to its original foundation or would he update the course based upon today’s golfer and their needs and desires? These are some of the questions that will be addressed as the master plan is envisioned.”  

Wilczynski will also look to enhance the club’s Hill course, which was designed by Xen Hassenplug and opened in 1994.

The architect will be creating the masterplan over the next six months, and is aiming to address a number of infrastructure, playability and aesthetic issues on both courses.

“We will meet regularly to shape and form the plans,” Wilczynski said. “The masterplan work that we do is not completed in a vacuum. We do this in collaboration with our clients, to create a road map for the improvement. We want to be their consulting architect for the foreseeable future and help them implement the plan and succeed.”