Clayton, DeVries & Pont to advise Hallamshire GC on renovations

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    Hallamshire Golf Club

    Hallamshire Golf Club in Sheffield, England, has appointed Clayton, DeVries & Pont to advise on renovation work

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    Hallamshire Golf Club

    “This is our first heathland project in the north of England,” says Frank Pont, who is leading the work

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Hallamshire Golf Club in Sheffield, England, has appointed Clayton, DeVries & Pont (CDP) to advise on renovation work.

The course was originally built in 1897 and has been worked on by several of Britain’s top architects of the early twentieth century, with Alister Mackenzie and Herbert Fowler carrying out significant changes between 1904 and 1908; Harry Colt remodelling the layout in the 1910s; Fowler, Abercromby, Simpson & Croome undertaking a course review in the 1920s; and John Morrison overseeing bunker and routing changes in 1937.

Edward Cartwright, chairman at CDP, said: “The course moves out from Sheffield towards the Peak District before making its way back to the city, providing some stunning views. As Herbert Fowler pointed out over 110 years ago, the land on which it sits is nothing short of magnificent. This is one of the north of England’s heathland gems.”

CDP’s work at Hallamshire will be led by Frank Pont, who will be assisted by Mike Clayton.

“Although several architects played a hand in the course’s early development, to a great extent, today’s layout is the one created by John Morrison on behalf of Colt, Alison & Morrison,” said Pont. “As such, Hallamshire becomes the 34th custodian of a Colt company course to whom we shall be providing advice.

“Although we have a significant track record of restoring or renovating heathland courses in the south of England and in continental Europe, this is our first heathland project in the north of England, which only makes this mandate even more exciting.”

Clayton said: “One of my great regrets of the 15 years I played on the European Tour was my typical tour pro obsession with playing tournaments and the related failure to see all of the great English courses. Obviously, I saw quite a few, but nowhere near enough and Hallamshire was one I missed. I’m really looking forward to making its acquaintance in a few weeks’ time.”

James Glover, general manager at Hallamshire Golf Club, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with CDP in the creation of a long-term course plan for the future development of our course. Our members are extremely proud of Hallamshire, and its storied architectural heritage, and we feel that CDP is the perfect fit to take our course forward. Frank Pont’s Colt company expertise and Mike Clayton’s position as one of golf course architecture’s world authorities were both integral to our decision to select them as our preferred partners.”