Clayton, DeVries & Pont to develop long-term plan for Wallasey

Clayton, DeVries & Pont to develop long-term plan for Wallasey
Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Wallasey Golf Club, near Liverpool, England, has appointed Clayton, DeVries & Pont to develop a long-term plan.

The design firm will assess both the course and Wallasey’s practice facilities.

“Located on sand and with dramatic dunes, Wallasey’s land is nothing short of spectacular for golf,” said Edward Cartwright, head of GB&I operations at CDP. “Frank Pont will lead our team advising the club. Given their significant experience delivering world top 100 ranked links courses elsewhere in the world, both Mike Clayton and Mike DeVries will also be contributing their expertise as and when required.”

Dave Gibson, chair of green at Wallasey, said: “The course is blessed to be laid out on some of the finest dunescape in the country making for a dramatic golfing experience. The club’s heritage is one of continuous evolution and development, and it is paramount that we continue to assess our links’ playing characteristics to ensure that the course is enjoyed and cherished for the next century and beyond. We believe that CDP’s unique skillset and vast experience will help us analyse our strengths and weaknesses as well as providing a clear direction for our ongoing improvement.”

Founded in 1891, the original links was laid out by Old Tom Morris, with Alex Herd, Harold Hilton and James Braid making changes in the early 20th century. Under a new lease that reduced the amount of available land, Hawtree & Taylor redesigned the course, with Braid’s assistance, between 1936 and 1938. Part of the land was requisitioned during World War II, and it took until 1952 for the 18-hole course to be reconfigured.