Construction begins on new nine-hole Stirling & Martin course in Paraguay

  • Chaco
    Stirling & Martin

    Stirling & Martin are in progress with a new nine-hole layout for a development in Asuncion, Paraguay

  • Chaco
    Stirling & Martin

    The course has several water hazards and runs alongside the Paraguay River

  • Chaco
    Stirling & Martin

    Marco Martin (left) expects the nine-hole course to help promote golf to a new generation in Paraguay

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Construction work is under way on a new nine-hole golf course designed by Stirling & Martin for a development in Asuncion, Paraguay.

The 1,400-hectare master plan for the project includes an additional 7,700-yard 18-hole golf course, as well as residential areas, business and commercial centres, a yacht port, island residences on the Paraguay River, a private airport and a school. The development is being led by Conrado Hoeckle of the logistics company, Terminal Occidental Sociedad Anonima (Tosa).

The golf portion of the project, provisionally named Golf del Chaco, is located on former farmland that runs alongside a three-mile stretch of the Paraguay River, to the northeast of the city.

“The site is totally flat, a swamp terrain, and can easily be under the water level during the rainy season,” said golf course architect Marco Martin. “Construction of the golf course has included earthmoving and filling of new material, as well as shaping of the entire area. It is similar to building a golf course in Florida, where the water table is just on the surface.”

Earthmoving has been completed and half of the area now comprises lakes and the other half will be made up by golf holes. Martin says the water hazards will benefit both golfers and residents as they will create interest for the course while enhancing property values.

Martin and his partner Blake Stirling are focusing on playability for the nine-hole layout, to help promote golf to a new generation in Paraguay, while the 18-hole course will have the potential to host international tournaments.