Cuddington commissions long-term plan for work on Colt course

  • Cuddington
    Clayton,DeVries & Pont

    Cuddington has completed a woodland management programme

  • Cuddington
    Clayton, DeVries & Pont

    The layout was originally designed by Harry Colt and opened in 1929

  • Cuddington
    Clayton, DeVries & Pont

    Clayton, DeVries & Pont will create a plan to restore some of the course’s original features

Alex Smith
By Alex Smith

Cuddington Golf Club in Banstead, UK, has appointed Clayton, DeVries & Pont to create a long-term course plan and advise on future restoration work.

The Surrey club’s course was designed by Harry Colt and opened in 1929. This was followed by the planting of a reported 10,000 saplings, leading to the development of heavily wooded areas that have now intruded upon the layout. A woodland management programme overseen by John Nicholson Associates since 2017 has reclaimed areas that had been lost, allowing for restoration to take place.

A study of the course’s architectural history will be undertaken, after which a long-term course plan will be written. Frank Pont will act as lead advisor and will be assisted by Edward Cartwright, the design partnership’s head of operations for the UK & Ireland. Once the Covid-19 pandemic has subsided, Mike Clayton and Mike DeVries will also assist.

 “The club’s recent woodland management programme has reintroduced many dramatic landforms that were part of Colt’s original design,” said Pont. “This has provided an incredible opportunity to restore many of his fine original features. Doing so will, I am sure, make the course more beautiful, fun and interesting for all levels of golfers.”