David Savic completes tee project at Port Huron

  • Port Huron
    Emergency 9 Golf

    David Savic of Emergency 9 Golf has renovated every tee at Port Huron Golf Club in Michigan

  • Port Huron
    Emergency 9 Golf

    The project was completed in autumn 2021, with the club officially unveiling the tees later this month

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Port Huron Golf Club in Michigan will officially unveil its new teeing areas later this month following a renovation project by David Savic of Emergency 9 Golf.

Savic and his colleague Sam Beckman have worked with the club since the early 2000s when they developed a master plan for the CH Alison-designed course as partners at Old Course Design. The pair also executed bunker and green renovations.

The latest project, completed in autumn 2021, re-evaluated tees on every hole. “Not only has the course been lengthened, but a variety of options have been opened up for players so they can choose the correct distance for their game,” said Beckman.

“One of the most striking parts of this tee renovation is how David, RGR Golf Services, superintendent John Nowakowski and golf professional Joel Peattie managed to keep the player connected with the outstanding naturalness of the property. By replacing most of the raised tee boxes with ones that sit naturally at grade, the tee shot encourages the player to look at the ground movement in front of them, and play through it, not necessarily over it. Far too often raised tee boxes remove the natural contouring of a property.”

Savic has also renovated the practice green, creating one space that flows from the pro shop to the first tee.

“Both David and I believe that our clients are our long-term partners,” said Beckman. “Partners build an environment of teamwork and trust, and we take the time to understand their financial situation, and help clubs see that not every project has to be a major disruption or capital expenditure.”