Doug Carrick enters second phase of Fontana redesign

  • Fontana

    Doug Carrick is in progress with the second phase of the redesign of Fontana Golf Club in Austria

  • Fontana

    Three new holes have been built, including the fourth, pictured

  • Fontana

    The former twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth holes have been reconfigured as the new third, eighth and sixth

  • Fontana

    The seventeenth green and eighteen tees will be shifted in order to add drama with the backdrop of the lake and clubhouse

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Golf course architect Doug Carrick is in progress with the second phase of the redesign of the golf course at Fontana Golf Club near Vienna, Austria.

The project, which will free up space for residential development, involves the creation of three entirely new holes, plus new tees, greens and bunkers throughout.

Carrick originally designed the course alongside Austrian designer Hans-Georg Erhardt at the European headquarters of car parts manufacturer Magna International. It opened in 1997 and in 2014 was sold to Sigfried Wolf, the former CEO of Magna Europe, who returned to Carrick for the redesign.

The first phase of work, completed in 2018, saw the creation of three new holes, playing as the fourth, fifth and seventh, plus the reconfiguration of the former twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth holes as the new third, eighth and sixth.

The second phase, now in construction, includes remodelling all areas of the new sixteenth, which was previously hole two, as well as work on three other holes.

“The new thirteenth green – formerly the fifteenth green – will be shifted back 25 yards and elevated three metres, adding length and challenge to this par five hole, said Carrick.

“The seventeenth green will be shifted back 30 yards also, adding yardage and drama to this par three against the backdrop of the lake and clubhouse in the distance. The eighteenth tees have been shifted up onto a hill, providing a more dramatic view over the lake to the clubhouse.”

“The original seventh, eighth and sixteenth holes will be removed from play when the renovations are complete,” said Carrick. “The area occupied by the seventh and eighth will likely be developed in the longer term – as either residential, hotel or golf villas – although no definite plans have been established for this area yet. In the short term, the holes will be kept in play as the renovation work is completed throughout the remaining phases.”

Future phases will include the construction of new greens on the first three holes, rebuilding tees on holes nine to thirteen; renovation of bunkers on fourteen and fifteen, as well as new irrigation and drainage. To keep eighteen holes in play at all times, Carrick expects the remaining phases to be carried out over the next four seasons.

“Tees are being rebuilt and changed to traditional rectangular tees. All of the greens will be re-surfaced and re-grassed with new bentgrass and bunkers are being renovated to create a more rugged natural character, improved drainage and lined with Better Billy Bunker liner.”

Future phases also include improvements to practice facilities.

“I would like to thank Sigfried Wolf for inviting me to return to Fontana to redesign and upgrade the golf course,” said Carrick. “I would also like to thank Barry Britton – the former golf course superintendent – who was involved in the construction and grow-in of the original course. Barry is overseeing the renovations on site and has been vitally important to ensuring the construction work is completed to the highest standards.”