Doug Carrick prepares redesign plans for The Willows

  • Willows

    The Willows Golf & Country Club has hired Doug Carrick to redesign its course from 36 to 18 holes

  • Willows

    Eleven holes have been completely rerouted or redesigned

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

The Willows Golf & Country Club in Saskatoon, Canada, has hired Doug Carrick to redesign its course from 36 holes to 18.

“The design brief was to create a premier quality 18-hole golf course for the owners Dream Development, while eliminating 18 holes to allow for future residential development,” said Carrick.

Carrick’s redesign means almost all holes only have homes adjacent to one side, with 11 holes completely rerouted or redesigned.

“Essentially, the members will be playing a new golf course with re-configured holes, including new greens, tees and bunkers; several new fairways; new cart paths; and dramatically improved drainage,” said Carrick.

“I am excited to see the entire plan come to life over the next few years.”

Carrick has completed all detailed drawings and Wilco Contractors Southwest will begin construction in spring 2021. The project will be completed in two phases, keeping 18 holes in play at all times, with the course expected to be ready in 2023.