EcoBunker makes new addition to practice facility at Tain Golf Club

  • Tain

    The bunker’s development was led by EcoBunker’s Huw Morgan MG and Llewelyn Matthews

  • Tain

    A second EcoBunker will be added in the near future at the practice facility

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A ‘bunker camp’ recently took place at Tain Golf Club in north-east Scotland, which saw the creation of an EcoBunker synthetic revetted bunker at the club’s practice facility.

EcoBunker’s technical manager Huw Morgan MG and construction manager Llewelyn Matthews led the bunker’s development. Course manager Iain MacLeod invited representatives from a number of nearby clubs to Tain GC to see the bunker take shape.

Attendees included Chris Haspell, representing the planned Coul Links at Embo, Eoin Riddell of Royal Dornoch, Caroline Munro of Bonar Bridge—Ardgay and Gary Urquhart of Invergordon.

“When Iain asked us to come up and install our produce on his new practice facility, we jointly figured it would make sense to ask some of the other clubs in the area to come and see how it works,” said Morgan. “In northern Scotland there are a bunch of courses that are really good, natural golf, but which donʼt have a lot of money, and our product can save significant amounts of cash over using natural revet, because it doesnʼt need to be rebuilt every few year.”

A second Ecobunker will be added to the practice facility at Tain Golf Club in the near future. 

Gus Gurney, the club’s greens chairman, added: “We were very impressed with the Ecobunker product and process, and would be very interested in exploring its potential for future use to install it in the bunkers out on our links course.”