Effingham adopts top 100 mindset for practice area plan

Effingham adopts top 100 mindset for practice area plan
Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Construction is under way on a new practice area designed by James Edwards of EDI-Golf for Effingham Golf Club in Surrey, England. 

The project follows the 2018 renovation of the club’s Harry Colt course by Tom Mackenzie of Mackenzie & Ebert. 

Effingham’s board of directors, including course chair Tony Heron, general manager Steve Slinger and other staff reviewed all aspects of the club with a ‘top 100’ mindset. “It was clear our practice facilities did not match the on-course experience,” said Slinger, adding that a survey of members in 2019 endorsed this view. 

Edwards’ plan is for a putting green and short-game academy to be built in between the clubhouse, a Grade II-listed building, and the first tee – a site that was previously home to tennis courts. “A fabulous piece of golfing land emerged,” said Slinger. 

Conor Walsh began construction in February and expects to finish by early May, with the club anticipating a spring 2024 opening. A Rain Bird irrigation system will be installed as part of the project. 

“These facilities will be the first thing our members and guests see on arrival and will also present wonderful viewing for the people on our south-facing clubhouse terrace,” said Slinger. “It will be the complete package! Think of a shot or challenge you might encounter around any type of green complex, and this will be on offer to the golfer for practice.  

“James and I have both reflected on success ultimately being golfers immersing themselves in creative shotmaking for hours on end.”