Fazio renovation to begin next month at Nassau CC in New York

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    Fazio Design

    Fazio Design will begin a renovation at Nassau CC next month, which includes repositioning fairway bunkers to challenge longer hitters, as seen on the first hole

  • Nassau
    Fazio Design

    The greenside bunker on the par-three fifth hole will be rebuilt in a Seth Raynor style

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Tom Marzolf, senior design associate at Fazio Design, will begin a renovation project next month at Nassau Country Club in Glen Cove, New York.

Fazio Design first worked at the club in 2012 when it rebuilt greens to a USGA specification and rebuilt and regrassed approaches.

This time, Marzolf is aiming to create more strategic interest from the tees by repositioning fairway bunkers. “With the advancements of modern equipment, the layout had lost the risk-reward challenge off the tee for the game’s longer hitters,” said Marzolf. “Through a new design and a re-imagining of the bunker positions and style, the course will require a player to think more about club selection and line when teeing off.

“Adding strategic cross bunkers that force golfers to stop at the tee and think about their choice of club will add a lasting character to the holes.”

Work on greenside bunkers is also part of Fazio Design’s proposals, including rebuilding the par-three fifth’s bunkers in a Seth Raynor style.

A low-cut bentgrass will be used for green surrounds on 12 holes. “This shaved-down turf will bring back the short game options and add more recovery interest that will be fun and memorable,” said Marzolf.

“The combination of a bold and classic style of well-placed, strategic, flashed bunkers and low-cut bent surrounds will give members the feel of a brand-new course to think their way around. The trend to allow short game options with lower height of cut around the greens is a fun challenge. This mowing pattern has long been a part of the game in Australia and is now making gains here in America.”

Contractor McDonald & Sons will begin construction work on 6 April with the course remaining open throughout the project. Work will be limited to two holes at a time with a local rule in place to allow relief from work areas.

The proposals that Fazio Design submitted to the club also include new forward tees, extending back tees, tree removal, widening of fairways and approaches, and cart path work.

Marzolf expects construction to be finished by early September 2021.