Final holes begin to take shape at Danzante Bay

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    The site of the eighth green at Danzante Bay, which will be planted in March 2017

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    The spectacular one-shot seventeenth hole forms part of the already opened back nine at Danzante Bay

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The construction of the final seven holes at the Danzante Bay course in Mexico has commenced.

Developed by a team from Rees Jones’ practice, the course lies in a secluded area of coastline on the Baja California peninsula, and was visited by GCA in issue 44.

The upcoming work will focus on holes two to eight, with shaping work taking place before planting begins in earnest in the early part of 2017.

Holes two and eight will be planted in March, with holes three and four to follow in April, and five and six in May. The final hole, the seventh, will be planted in June. The holes will open and be added to the finished course as and when they are ready.

Jones associate Steve Weisser told GCA: “The property at Danzante Bay is a protected cove completely surrounded by mountains with only one access point, along the beach. The land the front nine occupies is a horseshoe shaped valley that reaches up into a box canyon enclosed by almost vertical cliffs. This valley slopes toward the bay, so while the holes follow a somewhat secluded path up into the mountains, they also provide distant vistas of the bay.”

Weisser said the front nine will perfectly complement the already-open back nine.

“The back nine holes stretch from the clubhouse to the beach and hotel up to the cliffside seventeenth and back,” he said. “The creation of the front nine holes is an opportunity for us to show the golfer a completely different part of the property.”

Weisser added: “It is exciting to know that we have interesting landforms that will allow us to create unique holes that are different from, but also complimentary to, the other eleven holes. The completed 18-hole golf course will be a journey that golfers will really enjoy taking again and again.”

The full course at Danzante Bay is scheduled to open in November 2017.