First nine holes open for play at Vooty Golf County

  • Sara Bay

    The approach to the green on the third hole at Vooty Golf County

  • Sara Bay

    Nine holes are now open for play, with the remaining nine set to open before the end of 2018

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Nine holes are now complete and open for play at the new Vooty Golf County course near the town of Vikarabad in the Indian state of Telangana.

The creation of the new course is being led by a team for Pacific Coast Design. The second nine holes at Vooty are expected to be complete and ready for play by the end of 2018.

The golf course is located approximately 60 kilometres to the west of the city of Hyderabad, at an altitude that means it is considerably cooler than much of the surrounding areas. This means that the course will be walkable for much of the year.

“The rapid progress of this project is largely due to the vision and commitment of the project team,” explained Paul Reeves, director of Pacific Coast Design. “Led by the guiding direction of Santosh Reddy and his son Prithvi, along with their own onsite time and the support of project management company, Global Golf India, the project has been constructed at breakneck speed while ensuring everything has been done to a world-class standard.”

Reeves said the feedback on the first nine holes has been extremely positive, with many players commenting on how fun the course is to play.

“As designers, we at Pacific Coast Design are thrilled with the results,” said Reeves. “The combinations of shot options, angles of play, variety, challenge and fun – all in a parkland setting – makes golf at Vooty varied and interesting. The course itself is not overly long and provides golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to score well, however golfers need to be aware that what it lacks in length it gains in strategy and options. To score well here golfers must carefully position the ball to make the most of the scoring opportunities available.