First phase of wild Herzogswalde rebuild nears completion

  • Nemu2

    Bunker and created landforms at the fifth hole

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    Green at the eighth hole with Lion’s Mouth bunker

  • Nemu2

    The par three second hole taking shape

Adam Lawrence
By Adam Lawrence

Contractor Josef Pötter Golf has almost finished construction on the first phase of the extension of the GC Herzogswalde course near the eastern German city of Dresden. 

The project, designed by architect Christian Althaus, involves the creation of nine new holes alongside the existing nine at the club, to be followed, it is expected, by the rebuilding of the old nine.

Herzogswalde was bought by digital imaging entrepreneur and property investor Reinhard Saal, who has interests in the surrounding area. Saal commissioned Althaus to extend the course onto surrounding sloping farmland, and the young architect has responded with his boldest and most imaginative work to date.

Although the soils on the property are heavy, Althaus, and veteran shaper Mick McShane have created a range of radical landforms, some of which resemble the latter’s work on the Castle course at St Andrews, and some highly contoured greens. McShane was directly employed by the club, rather than by contractor Pötter, and Matthias Pötter told GCA that this method of working was new to his firm, and required close cooperation between architect, shaper and contractor to make it work.

The new nine holes at Herzogswalde are expected to open in spring 2017. No date has yet been set for the start of the rebuild of the existing nine, but Althaus says he hopes the work will not be long delayed.