Forrest Richardson launches new land planning service

Forrest Richardson launches new land planning service
Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Golf course architect Forrest Richardson has launched LandBalance, a land planning and design division of his Golf Group business, which also comprises his golf design firm and On Course Publishing and Golf Brain educational services. 

LandBalance will specialise in golf-related land planning work including renovations, downsizing and land use decisions. 

“We’ve always been heavily involved in land planning involving golf properties,” said Richardson. “The LandBalance brand will allow us to separate these services where it benefits our clients and the planning process. 

“Typically, a golf course is the largest land use of any single project, and that means planning decisions involving the golf will affect nearly everything else.” 

LandBalance will focus on land planning projects involving golf courses that have the potential to be renovated, as well as new projects where compact golf concepts can add meaning to a development.