Gamble Sands brings Kidd back to design second 18

Gamble Sands brings Kidd back to design second 18
Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers

Gamble Sands in Brewster, Washington, has selected David McLay Kidd to design and build a second 18-hole course. 

The new layout will join the resort’s 18-hole Sands course (pictured), which opened for play in 2014, and the 14-hole QuickSands short course, which opened in 2021, both designed by Kidd. 

“The site for the next course at Gamble Sands was high on the list the first time around but some challenges with power lines made us choose the first course site,” said Kidd. “Those challenges have been overcome and golfers have shown their appreciation of the amazing fescue surfaces that allow them to play every shot a thousand different ways. 

“They want more, and we are only too thrilled to oblige. The Gebbers family [owners of Gamble Sands] have entrusted us to create another full 18 that are similar in terms of playing style, but different enough to again grab the interest of every passionate golfer. The site we will build this new course upon is different, more intimate, more dramatic even. I can’t wait to get going this autumn.” 

Construction will begin in autumn 2022, north of the clubhouse, with the aim of completing work by summer 2025. 

Tory Wulf, project manager at Gamble Sands, said: “All of us here at Gamble Sands are truly excited for the next step in the evolution of the golf resort. Our team has worked hard to enhance the experience on and off the golf course since opening in 2014. The second full-length rendition by David McLay Kidd and his team will be fun to watch take shape and I’m sure even ‘funner’ to play.”