Gaunt returns to Meltham for final phase of remodelling project

  • Meltham

    Jonathan Gaunt is returning to Meltham Golf Club for remodelling work

  • Meltham

    All bunkers are being renovated as part of the project

  • Meltham

    Modifications to green surrounds were made in the project’s third phase

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Golf course architect Jonathan Gaunt is returning to Meltham Golf Club in Huddersfield, England, this autumn to complete the final phase of a remodelling project.

In 2006, Gaunt advised the club on the conversion of a historic barn on their land to residential use. The Headyfields property, which had previously been used to store machinery, was sold in 2016 and developed into three private residences.

“This sale funded the redevelopment of the fifth hole to become a par three and following this, the redesign and remodelling of all the course bunkers, to be phased over three further years,” said Gaunt.

“We have completed the third phase of works where the bunkers on holes two, three, five, six, eight, twelve, thirteen and fourteen have all been remodelled to a very high standard by Profusion Environmental, which includes the installation of Blinder bunker liner.”

Work to improve drainage has been completed on the twelfth and fourteenth. Also, the green surrounds on the fourth and eleventh have been modified to make them more maintainable, but also to create a consistent style throughout the course.

The greenkeeping team, led by Sam Wardill, has been instrumental in the project including working with Profusion to install new drainage and to follow up with the turf laying of all working areas.

The fourth phase will include the completion of the bunker remodel on the remaining holes and is scheduled to start in autumn.

Gaunt added: “It was particularly enjoyable to be invited to advise at Meltham because my father, D. Michael Gaunt, had been the winner of the highly-regarded amateur invitation tournament, The Meltham Trophy, in 1953.”