Golf businesses unite

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The European Golf Business Conference will return to Amsterdam from November 28-30 at the five-star Renaissance Hotel. The goal of the conference is to bring together European golf businesses in order to improve the running of golf courses by sharing ideas.

The European Golf Course Owners Association (EGCOA) represents more than 600 golf course owners in 12 European countries. Together with the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) of the USA, the NGCOA of Canada and Asian owners, the EGCOA is part of the world alliance of golf course owners that represents around 7,000 golf courses worldwide.

The 2007 European Golf Business Conference will touch on diverse subjects including 'The future of golf courses', 'European trends in golf development' and 'What do golfers expect from courses?' In nine sessions, specialists from across the world will offer their thoughts and insight on the development of golf.

Speakers include Ruffin Beckwith, director of Golf 20/20; Bruce Lucker, cofounder of IloveNY; Alan Stalcup, golf marketing specialist from the USA; KPMG's Andrea Sartori; Mark Adam, former president of the EIGCA; Mike Tinkey, deputy chief executive officer of the NGCOA; and Charles Peacock, professor of turf science at North Carolina State University.