Gopher Watch Competition – April 2019

Gopher Watch Competition – April 2019
Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

A bit of a surprise to us, the last Gopher Watch. We had thought that sitting Sandy atop the famous Cape bunker at Royal North Devon, or Westward Ho!, would be a pretty easy one, and result in a flood of correct entries. Actually that wasn’t the case; we got plenty of entries, but most of them were wrong. Prestwick, another very old course with some iconic timber supported bunkers, was a popular choice, I guess not unreasonably. But the prize goes to Sean Berry, of Connecticut, USA, who identified the fourth hole on the legendary West Country links, home to JH Taylor among others. Congratulations Sean, a golf shirt is on the way.

This month, another quite old and rather legendary English course. Maybe not one of the most famous holes on that course, but we think this is easy enough that no more help is required. Usual drill: first correct entry out of the hat wins one of our fabulous GCA golf shirts. Answers by email please, to