Gopher Watch Competition – April 2020

Gopher Watch Competition – April 2020
Adam Lawrence
By Adam Lawrence

Issue 59’s Gopher Watch was proof, if proof were needed, that Sandy’s whereabouts are recognisable to most people when he is on a Scottish links course. The only clue we gave was that the course had a famous neighbour, yet a very large, possibly a record number of readers correctly identified the first tee of Gullane No. 1, in East Lothian, Scotland. Probably Scottish courses are so well recognised because a large proportion of our readers are travelling golfers, and the home of golf remains the favourite location for them to visit. That said, it was a ‘local’ (in global terms), Colin Shellard from Aberdeen, whose entry was first out of the GCA hat, and who wins the prized golf shirt!

This month’s venue, although a links, is not in Scotland! But to be honest, we think that is probably clue enough, because the hole in question is extremely famous, although it hasn’t looked like that for very long – it was altered only a few years ago.

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