Gopher Watch Competition – January 2017


Gopher Watch Competition – January 2017
By SuperUser Account

Last issue our resident gopher Sandy Par was pictured (inset) on James Braid’s masterpiece: the King’s course at Gleneagles – a wonderful collection of golf holes on some spectacular terrain in the beautiful hills of Perthshire in Scotland. We got some quite odd wrong answers (Hankley Common, anyone?) and Steve Chappell, manager of the Centenary course at Gleneagles, tried to sneak in a cunning entry. Fortunately we didn’t draw his name out of the hat and were spared having to disqualify him.

So congratulations go to David Bily of Steiner & Partner landscape architects in Switzerland, who did in fact come out first. Maybe Steve will have better luck with this issue’s competition, which sees Sandy taking up residence at a location remarkably relevant to a January 2017 event that will attract significant global interest. If you know the course, let us know by emailing and you’ll be entered into our draw to receive a GCA golf shirt.