Gopher Watch Competition – January 2019

Gopher Watch Competition – January 2019
Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Royal Dornoch, as well as being pretty universally recognised as one of the greatest courses in the world, is one of the most popular stops for golfers travelling to Scotland, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at the strong response to Sandy’s visit there in the last issue of GCA. Not only did we get a lot of entries but, uniquely for thirteen years of Gopher Watch, there was not a single wrong one. OK, one entrant did name Dornoch’s fifth hole rather than the sixth, but that’s the sort of minor error of memory we’d normally let ride. So the hat was quite full, but a name still emerged, and that was Richard Penley-Martin, until recently secretary of Ganton Golf Club in England, and now a consultant on golf club management.

For this issue, another extremely old course (although not nearly so old as Dornoch, which has recently celebrated 400 years of golf in the town). No more clues; clearly we need to make these competitions rather more difficult.

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