Gopher Watch Competition – July 2018

Gopher Watch Competition – July 2018
Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Well, as we said in the covering note, we reckoned that April’s Gopher Watch was a pretty tough challenge. Yes, we gave you clues so that, if you were determined, you could probably eliminate a lot of obvious choices, but it still seemed to us that only someone very well-travelled and with a great memory for landforms would be able to get the answer.

And yet, no sooner did we publish than in came the correct entries! Sandy was indeed at Hunstanton GC, in Norfolk, England, on the par three sixteenth where, in 1974, Bob Taylor of Leicestershire, playing in the Eastern Counties Foursomes, aced the hole three days running! Congratulations to Darragh Garrahy of Trinity College Dublin, who was first out of the hat and wins the shirt!

Slight change of scene this month, though Sandy is again on an iconic par three. No clues, we think you’re well capable of figuring out, but we will point out that the hole has an interesting story behind its construction. Entries, as ever, to and the first out of the hat wins one of our GCA golf shirts.