Gopher Watch Competition – October 2019

Gopher Watch Competition – October 2019
By SuperUser Account

We were a little bit surprised that more readers didn’t recognise the spectacular view of the green on the tenth hole, Lundar Law, on the beautiful Golf House Club at Elie, Scotland, about ten miles from St Andrews. A truly classic links, Elie famously opens with a blind drive over a hillside, and the club has provided its starter with an old submarine periscope to check that the way is clear.

Notwithstanding the attempts of one golfer who was present when the photo was taken – always a Gopher Watch disqualifying factor – and another regular entrant putting Sandy on the opposite side of the Forth at Gullane, there were a slew of correct entries. And it was a practising golf course architect, Alex Hay, formerly of European Golf Design and now, having emigrated to Canada, the international arm of the firm Lobb + Partners, whose entry was first out of the ceremonial hat, and who wins the coveted GCA shirt. This time, Sandy is back on links habitat. An interesting wee view this one – a new hole on an old course. We shall be interested to see the response. Entries, as ever, to