Gopher Watch Competition – Summer 2016


Gopher Watch Competition – Summer 2016
Adam Lawrence
By Adam Lawrence

Royal Cinque Ports in Deal is one of England and Britain’s finest links courses, and its famous sixteenth is one of the greatest holes to be found anywhere, so it wasn’t too surprising to see another bumper crop of correct answers to the last Gopher Watch competition.

Most agreed with us that the hole should be played as a par five, forcing golfers to find a way of dealing with the remarkable contours in front of the green, though to be fair one or two disagreed completely. It is perhaps fitting that the winner comes from another of England’s greatest courses.

Richard Penley-Martin, secretary of Ganton GC in Yorkshire, was first out of the hat, and is, we hope, proudly wearing his GCA shirt around the course.

Another great links for you to try and identify in the image at the top of the page, in fact one of the very best of all. A course that is sufficiently famous, we think, to not require any clues, so if you recognise it, send your entry, as usual, to