Grassing gets underway on first two courses at new Vietnam complex

Grassing gets underway on first two courses at new Vietnam complex
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Grassing has commenced on two courses at a new ten course golf development in Vietnam.

Schmidt-Curley Design has been hired by FLC Group to lead the development of the complex near the city of Dong Hoi in the central part of the country.

Brian Curley told GCA that grassing on the first two courses should take about three months, with the grassing on the third course at the complex to commence straight after that.

Curley describes the site as being ‘super natural’, and the first two courses don’t feature a single formal bunker.

“This site is spectacular, featuring 5,000 acres of bright white, sand-based beachfront, massive dunes that rise to over 30 metres, scrubby pine vegetation, marshes and an abundance of ample fresh water,” Curley told GCA. “These first two courses are very natural and do not have a single formal bunker, but rely instead on sandy expanses and dunes. The composite course of the two back nines will feature half the holes on the beachfront for tournament play if desired.”

Curley also believes the region offers a perfect climate for golf.

“It is far enough south to hold high quality warm season grasses year-round, but also a mild season that will be fantastic for golfers,” he said. “The ten course complex, I believe, has the opportunity to become known as the ultimate natural golf destination in all of Asia.”

More on this project can be found in issue 44 of Golf Course Architecture.