Grassing halfway complete at new Twin Dolphin course

  • Twin Dolphin

    The course overlooks the Sea of Cortez

  • Twin Dolphin

    Eckenrode says that the overall grassing of the course is about halfway to completion

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The new Twin Dolphin course in Los Cabos, Mexico, is coming together nicely according to architect Todd Eckenrode.

The Origins Golf Design man is working alongside Fred Couples on the course, with Twin Dolphin to become the first Fred Couples Signature golf course in the Los Cabos municipality, which sits on the end of the Baja California peninsula.

“The course will be set amongst the dramatic rugged arroyos of the native terrain, with broad ocean views and a natural and classic styling,” Eckenrode told GCA. “The routing traverses the site with constant variety. The ridge top opening hole plays across and along a distinctive arroyo, followed by a gentler second hole with a stunning whitewater bay backdrop, before returning downhill with the third hole, nestled into a natural valley full of native Cardon cactus. On and on, the routing plays is such a way that the variety in play will be exceptional.”

Eckenrode says that the grassing of the course is about halfway complete, with the final few pieces of work set to be completed during the coming months.

“We really took the time, over the course of many years in the routing process, to identify and record with GPS all of the native vegetation, dramatic rock formations and interesting landforms that were found throughout the site,” said Eckenrode. “We knew this would help to make the course special if we could integrate these completely. That’s one aspect of the design that will make it feel more natural immediately, and also what will give it its own identity from other courses.”

Eckenrode added that careful clearing work has really opened up the views of the ocean from the course, while still maintaining the desired native edge.

“We are tremendously excited with the potential for this course,” said Eckenrode. “The land has a sense of place all its own, and we feel this is shaping up to be the most unique and natural course in Los Cabos.”

The Twin Dolphin course is set to open for play in late 2018.