Harradine to oversee renovation of original nine at Arosa

  • Arosa

    Peter Harradine is renovating nine holes at Arosa in the Swiss mountains

  • Arosa

    The project will see changes to the original nine holes designed by Peter’s father Don in 1945

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Peter Harradine of Harradine Golf will oversee the renovation of nine holes at Golf Club Arosa in the alpine town of Arosa, Switzerland.

The project will see improvements to bunkering and playing surfaces of the original nine holes at Arosa, which were designed and built by Harradine’s father Don in 1945. There are not expected to be any changes to the routing of the par-65 course.

The second nine at Arosa was designed by Peter Harradine in 2001 and is not impacted by this project.

“The building permits were requested in January 2018 and were actually granted on the 18th of April,” said Harradine. “This must be an absolute record for Switzerland as it usually takes years for such permits to be released, especially due to the environmental lobby which always has many and mostly incredible objections to anything that is connected to golf courses.

“Environmentalists should take this course as an example, instead of always citing Augusta and other manicured examples. Maybe it is because it is extremely environmentally friendly that we received the building permits in such an incredibly short time.

“This course is a true Alpine layout and not for the faint hearted. Only a few years ago the first task of the greenkeeper was to remove the cow dung from the fairways as one of the contractual obligations of the club was to let the cows graze at night. In fact, cows still graze in the rough.”

Construction work will begin in September 2018 and the renovated nine holes are expected to reopen in autumn 2019.