Inglewood reopens following completion of Jeff Mingay renovation

  • Inglewood
    Brad Treadwell

    Inglewood Golf Club in Washington has reopened its golf course following a renovation completed by Jeff Mingay

  • Inglewood
    Brad Treadwell

    The second, previously a par five, is now a 432-yard par four

  • Inglewood
    Brad Treadwell

    Mingay restored greenside bunkers on the fifth hole

  • Inglewood
    Brad Treadwell

    Mingay says he has renovated the green at the par-three sixteenth to a Redan-style

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Inglewood Golf Club in Kenmore, Washington, has reopened its golf course following a renovation by Jeff Mingay.

Mingay has worked at the club since 2016, completing bunker restoration, green surface expansion, adjustment to fairway mowing, as well as some tee and tree work throughout the course.

Contractor Ridgetop Golf began construction in mid-October 2020 and completed work in mid-February 2021 with assistance from golf course superintendent Greg Matz and his staff.

“Work on bunkers, tees, trees, grass lines and new greens was completed on the first, second, twelve through sixteen, and eighteenth holes,” said Mingay. “Greens on those holes had been rebuilt since AV Macan designed the course in 1919. Along with re-bunkering those holes, we installed new greens to better match the style and character of the Macan-designed originals.

“We also used this opportunity to make significant changes to the opening holes. The first and second were previously back-to-back par fives, on the short side. At the first, we moved the green back 35 yards, so it now measures 521 yards. This change necessitated shortening the tees at the second by about 55 yards. The second is now a 432-yard par four, making for a much more interesting start to a round of golf at Inglewood.”

Mingay also restored greenside bunkers on the fifth hole that were eliminated on recommendation from AW Tillinghast during the 1930s.

“Green and tee locations had changed on the par-three sixteenth since Macan’s day as well,” said Mingay. “The green site is benched into a right-to-left hillside, tumbling down from the adjacent third fairway, which inspired a Redan concept. Macan was familiar with the Redan concept. In fact, we restored a reverse Redan he designed at Fircrest’s sixteenth hole a handful of years ago, and we are planning to do the same at Broadmoor’s eleventh in the near future. So, taking inspiration from its original designer and recognising what the land was suggesting, a Redan-style green at Inglewood’s sixteenth hole was sensible.”

The pandemic impacted Mingay’s travel to and from the site. He ended up doing three long stints in the US and each time he returned to Canada he would complete two Covid tests and a two-week home quarantine. “The quarantine effectively added 42 additional ‘out of commission’ days on top of the 88 days I was away in the United States,” he said.

The course reopened for play on April 26.