IVGD completes another phase of long-term project at New Zealand GC

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    Infinite Variety Golf Design has completed the next phase of a long-term project at New Zealand Golf Club

  • NZGC

    The ‘doughnut’ bunker in between the seventh and thirteenth greens has been restored

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Infinite Variety Golf Design (IVGD) has completed another phase of a long-term renovation project at New Zealand Golf Club near Woking, England.


The recent work — completed by contractor Conor J Walsh Golf — has seen the sixth, seventh, twelfth and thirteenth holes renovated. It follows last year’s work on the first, second, third, fifth, eighth and fourteenth.


First laid out in 1895 by Samuel Mure Fergusson, the course was redesigned in 1931 by Tom Simpson, with the assistance of Philip Mackenzie Ross.


For this long-term project, IVGD has been using sketches by Simpson and historic aerial photography to ensure its work is sympathetic to the original design.


Bunkers are being renovated in a style in keeping with Simpson’s work, with diagonal ‘fingers’ of heather being reintroduced into several of them. IVGD has also restored the ‘doughnut’ bunker in between the seventh and thirteenth greens.


“We have now undertaken renovation works to nine holes,” said Edward Cartwright, IVGD’s head of operations for the UK and Ireland. “Frank Pont’s knowledge of Tom Simpson’s work and his prior experience of restoring it at clubs such as Blackwell, Hardelot Les Pins and Royal Golf Club des Fagnes has proved invaluable. IVGD’s dedication to rigorous and detailed research and historical analysis allied with a profound knowledge of the architects of the early twentieth century delivers courses which are more fun to play, more pleasing on the eye and more respectful of their origins.”


Roger Marrett, secretary of the club, said: “The club has adopted a long term and patient approach to restoring Simpson’s architecture. We are very pleased with this year’s phase of work, which has received praise from members and guests alike.”