John LaFoy renovation will mark ‘exciting new era’ for Riverchase

John LaFoy renovation will mark ‘exciting new era’ for Riverchase
Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Golf course architect John LaFoy will begin a renovation project at Riverchase Country Club in Birmingham, Alabama, in July.

Renovation work will include tees, select fairway bunkers, tree removal, approaches, repairing the eighth’s fairway, and cart paths.

“This summer marks the beginning of an exciting new era at Riverchase,” said Phillip Miles, club president. “The improvements and enhancements we have planned on the golf course will deliver a truly premier experience that our members and their families will enjoy for many years to come. We’re also excited to position ourselves at the forefront of many of the emerging trends in golf course design and development with the work we’re doing with John LaFoy.

"There’s a true focus on improving playability and making the golf course more accessible for players of all abilities, and we’re excited to showcase this work to not only the membership, but the greater Birmingham golf community.”

The project is expected to be completed in October.