Leitershofen to reopen next month following renovation

  • Leitershofen

    Golf Club Leitershofen is to reopen next month following a renovation by Thomas Himmel

  • Leitershofen

    Bunkering on the course has been completely overhauled, with sand more visible

  • Leitershofen

    All greens have been renovated, and a new lake has been built

  • Leitershofen

    “I am excited for golfers to see the gentle slopes that have been added,” said Himmel

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

The nine-hole Golf Club Leitershofen near Augsburg, Germany, will reopen next month following renovation work by golf course architect Thomas Himmel.

“The brief was to renovate the old and unsatisfying greens in order to enhance the variety and strategy, which led to a complete redesign,” said Himmel. “An important point for this project was to create nine visually different and strategic green complexes, as all greens are played twice during a round of 18.”

The course, originally known as Bavarian Hills, was used by the US Army when they were stationed in the area during the 1980s.

The project has also seen the addition of a new lake alongside the first and sixth greens and the rethinking of all bunkers – some have been removed, some relocated, and some new ones have been added.

“In late 2017 the club decided to renovate their greens and think over the whole playing strategy as the hazards were not up-to-date anymore. We got the job in early 2018 following a design competition,” said Himmel.

“As the routing of the course is fine and diverse, no major changes were needed. Some trees had to be taken out for better playability and shade control.

“I am excited for golfers to see the gentle slopes that have been added, the new sectors for diverse pin positions, the new lake as a visual effect, and the more visible bunkers compared to the old, flattish ones.”

Himmel says the work was completed on a relatively low budget. “This successful renovation and redesign showed what could be done with gentle but noticeable changes as the course had a very useful basic design with nice tree-lined holes,” said Himmel. “Due to its proximity to the town centre of Augsburg, the club has plenty of members and a solid financial structure which led to a budget out of the club’s reserves.”