Milford Haven completes work on new eighteenth hole

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    Milford Haven has opened its new-look eighteenth hole

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    Marc Westenborg has introduced a water feature at Welsh club

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    ‘There are now a variety of possible options from the tee,’ says Westenborg

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Milford Haven Golf Club in Pembrokeshire, Wales, has reopened its eighteenth hole following changes overseen by golf course architect Marc Westenborg.

The club was forced to shorten the original eighteenth to address safety issues related to a new housing development along the right of the hole.

“The new hole was reduced in length by over 100 yards to a medium length 350-yard par four, but the new tee location meant the existing fairway bunkers were no longer in play and overall, the eighteenth became a rather straightforward uninspiring finish to an excellent golf course,” said Westenborg.

“The eighteenth hole on any golf course should always be one to remember so we suggested a fairway water feature that would introduce some thought into the tee shot, while previously it was the case of simply hitting the tee shot down the middle.”

WATCH: Video flyover of the new eighteenth hole at Milford Haven

“We also removed one approach bunker and adjusted the greenside bunkers such that, if the golfers positioned their tee shot close to, or even over the pond, that they would be left with an open approach to the green,” said Westenborg. “Some mound work on the right was removed and the back-left corner of the green was widened so make space for a pin location in that area.”

The club also followed Westenborg’s suggestion to remove some high hedges along the eighteenth in order to create a clear view of the hole from the entrance road.

“Members of the club cannot fail to notice the transformation of the hole from a rather plain finish to quite a spectacular conclusion to their round,” said Westenborg. “They will also now have to learn how best to play the hole, especially the tee shot, as there are now a variety of possible options from the tee, all with varying degrees of risk and reward.”

Construction started in late October 2018 and the hole reopened in April 2019.