More online information for greenkeepers


Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Syngenta has expanded the scope of the UK and Ireland version of its Greencast Web service for greenkeepers and turf managers.

Based on customer feedback and comments, the company has added new functions including a model of fusarium patch risk developed to take account of the higher severity of attack seen in swards dominated by poa annua or shady situations and the lower severity seen in fescue dominated turfs.

The site also includes a new Grass Growing Potential model, which indicates turf growing status and provides a guide on when to use systemic fungicide products. Thirteen years of weather data and soil temperatures has also been added to the site, allowing users to compare against previous years or long term average on a weekly or monthly basis. Soil temperatures can now be forecast as a map in the disease maps section of the site, or as a table in the site's weather forecast component.