New 24-hole project in northern Mexico prioritises sustainability

  • Desertica
    Pizá Golf

    Pizá Golf has developed plans for a 24-hole layout located near the Sierra San Marcos mountains in northern Mexico

  • Desertica
    Pizá Golf

    The design firm has partnered with GEO Foundation to ensure the project is sustainable

  • Desertica
    Pizá Golf

    Agustin Pizá’s ‘butterfly’ routing includes four loops of six holes

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Pizá Golf is collaborating with GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf on a new 24-hole project at the Desértica development in Cuatro Ciénegas, Mexico.

Located within the desert region of Coahuila near the Sierra San Marcos mountains and Unesco biosphere reserve, the layout will be the centrepiece of a master planned community and resort that Pizá Golf principal Agustin Pizá has co-designed with Sardo Madaleno Architects.

Pizá has adopted a ‘butterfly’ routing, with four quadrangles of six-hole loops that surround a multi-purpose short course. His design is intended to provide flexibility in terms of course setup, playing options and maintenance practices.

“Augie’s concept is ingenious,” said Brandel Chamblee, who is a partner of the architect in the Pizá Chamblee Design firm. “The four six-hole loops were designed to meet the ever-changing demands on time and to create a golf experience for different skill levels. A new or beginning golfer as well as an avid golfer will enjoy the layout. Six holes is the new nine and 12 holes is the new 18. I am thrilled he invited me to participate on this special project.”

“We are very excited about this idea and seeing it put into play at the very special location of Cuatro Ciénegas,” said Sam Thomas, developments director for GEO Foundation. “Once we’d walked through the concept of ‘Butterfly Golf’ a few times with the Pizá Golf team, it became more and more evident to us the multiple benefits there were to be had. This was more with less in a way that we had not seen in a golf development before.”

Pizá said: “A sustainable and responsible project begins by creating a dialogue, in harmony with nature. We are excited to have our client commit to the project on all levels. It’s a sensitive place which deserves multiple layers of expertise. Having GEO on our side of the world gives us peace of mind from design implementation all the way to the execution and perpetual maintenance. We take our work very seriously when it comes to respecting nature with innovative architecture.”