New golf course in Nigeria expected to open in 2020

  • Castle Rock

    Castle Rock Golf Club in Yenagoa, Nigeria, is expected to open in 2020

  • Castle Rock

    “We are most proud of how well the course fits naturally on the land,” says Ricky Nix

  • Castle Rock

    Ron Garl has master planned the development

  • Castle Rock

    Total Golf Construction is building the course

  • Castle Rock

    Construction of the Ron Garl-designed golf course is to finish by the end of 2019

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Castle Rock Golf Club in Yenagoa, Nigeria, designed by Ron Garl Golf Design, is expected to open in 2020.

The project came about following Garl’s work at Elizade Smokin Hills Golf Resort in Ilara-Mokin, Nigeria, owned by Nigerian businessman Michael Ade-Ojo. “Since Michael is so well known in Nigeria, the government felt comfortable hiring Ron Garl to design their golf course at Castle Rock as they trust Michael’s judgement,” said Ricky Nix, a senior designer at Ron Garl Golf Design.

“We explained that we not only did course design, but we also undertook the master planning for the Smokin Hills Resort and development,” said Nix. “After the government learned that we could prepare all the design documents, they decided they would also use us for the same scope.

“We have been involved with so many master-planned communities throughout the years – we could bring what’s working in the USA to Nigeria for an American-influenced golf residential community. We incorporated the best design ideas and concepts into the master-planned community at Castle Rock.”

Construction of the golf course began in 2014. Local government Yenagoa hired Florida contractor Total Golf Construction to build the course, also following their work at Smokin Hills. Atlas Turf International is grassing the course with MiniVerde Ultradwarf.

“We are most proud of how well the course fits naturally on the land and how we worked to preserve the existing conditions,” said Nix. “We were able to achieve this work by utilising our 40 years’ experience and 250 completed courses throughout the world and the government’s vision for the property. We are confident that once the course is open for play it will be enjoyed by all levels of golfers.

“Nigeria is a great place to work with a rich culture and a lot of opportunity.”

Construction of the course is expected to be complete by the end of 2019.