New golf course to be created at Trident Lakes community in Texas


New golf course to be created at Trident Lakes community in Texas
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

DE Golf Design has been hired to create a new golf course at the Trident Lakes resort community, which is currently under construction in Fannin County, Texas.

To be designed by architect Dave Edsall, the course will form part of the new community which is being created on a 700-acre site between the towns of Ector and Savoy.

Named ‘Course Of The Gods’, the course will feature a number of allusions to Greek mythology. The 18th hole, named Poseidon’s Revenge, will finish over two ponds, while other holes will be named Zeus, Hermes and Nesoi.

Edsall spoke to GCA about the new course and his vision going forward. 

“Having spent some time in the Dallas area on other golf projects, I wasn’t surprised at the terrain encountered as I approached the site; beautiful rolling ranchland that features sprawling trees, natural ponds, and of course, that Texas ‘atmosphere’,” he said. “The land lends itself to some very creative golf architecture and I look forward to exposing the existing natural features in a course that belongs on that site.”

“The uniqueness of the course lies within the developer’s initial concept. We will be building a course that will include the Replica Concept component, but with some added twists unique to this site and concept. ‘Course of the Gods’ will feature two distinct nine holes.”

Edsall said that the opening nine will feature replications of British and European golf, while the back nine will focus on US-based holes.

“These holes will be chosen to best represent the Greek god they will be named for – a unique concept even in the replica industry,” he said. “The course will feature front and back nines that showcase the difference between links-style European design and the US designs, both modern and traditional.”

“‘Course of the Gods’ is a collection of great golf environments that each holds its own perils, as described by the gods they are named for. It will showcase golf’s mix of design styles that have been featured throughout the history of golf championships.”

Initial design steps are currently underway, and Edsall is looking to start the course construction as soon as plans are finalised.

“We want the entire experience at Trident Lakes to work with each component,” he said. “While we are anxious to get the dozers going, we intend to be fully meticulous with our planning to insure the finest possible product. At this time, we are in the process of hole selection, routing and master planning the project. As we develop the plan, we can certainly provide progress from time to time. ‘Course of the Gods’ will be an unique experience worthy of its lofty title. We are excited about the opportunity to be involved and look forward to seeing the plans materialise.”

Edsall’s firm is based in Edgewater, Maryland. The architect has been worked alongside John Daly on a number of his projects, and counts the Tour 18 courses in Houston and Dallas among his list of designs.

“Dave’s experience and vision fits perfectly with the special community we are building,” says Jim O’Connor, CEO of Trident Lakes. “We’re confident we’ll have a golf course that exceeds our residents’ lofty expectations.”

Trident Lakes is set to open in 2018.