New Graham Marsh course at Singapore Island CC uses Profile

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Adam Lawrence
By Adam Lawrence

The rebuild of the 27-hole New course complex at Singapore Island Country Club at the hands of Graham Marsh Golf Design is moving ahead with the use of Profile Product’s Porous Ceramic Greens Grade to ensure sustainable high performance on tees and greens.

When deciding what rootzone to use on the new greens, SICC, along with Profile’s James Gordon, conducted soil testing and analysis of various greens mix options. Based on the tests, Gordon recommended a mix of 85 per sand and 15 per cent Profile Greens Grade. The Profile Porous Ceramic (PPC) particle found in Greens Grade is 74 per cent pore space with 39 per cent capillary (water) pores and 35 per cent non-capillary (air) pores.

“On a course with as rich a history and prestige as this, we wanted to see it excel in the long-term,” said Gordon. “This solution will establish a strong foundation for the course and there’s no reason why these greens should not perform well past their life expectancy.”

Once applied to the tees and greens on all 27 holes and the driving range, the solution from Profile improved course conditions by enabling the greens to drain water quickly, critical when working in an area with extreme rainfall.

Agronomist Chris Gray said: “We knew the performance of the greens in the Singapore environment was the top priority. However, we also knew that the presentation and performance of the tees was high on our agenda. Our goal was to be able to produce a firmer putting surface while still maintaining optimal performance in regard to air, water and infiltration. Profile’s products helped us to overcome those challenges.”

The PPC application resulted in increased drainage at a rate of 23 per cent and a 32 per cent increase in water reservoir throughout the profile. The pH also dropped from 7.8 to 7.2, allowing for improved fertiliser uptake by the plant.

Gray, who started using and specifying Profile PPC as a greens amendment in the mid-2000s, said: “I saw the benefits that an inorganic amendment such as Profile PPC can provide, which is improved water-holding capacity during dry weather coupled with an increased nutrient-holding capacity. In turn, the inorganic amendment provided increased pore space and improved oxygen levels during extended rainy periods.”

Centaur Asia-Pacific is the distributor for Profile Products in southeast Asia.