New six-hole Yellow Course opens for play at Frilford Heath Golf Club

New six-hole Yellow Course opens for play at Frilford Heath Golf Club
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A new six-hole course has opened for play at Frilford Heath Golf Club in Abingdon, UK.

Named the Yellow Course, the new layout features Huxley Golf all-weather surfaces and has been created to cater for golfers of all abilities.

The design of the course was a collaborative effort between Huxley Golf’s Will Alsop and Sid Arrowsmith at Frilford Heath Golf Club, with the club’s former general manager Jimmy James also involved.

The course is spilt into two loops of three holes each, with the second loop slightly tougher than the first.

“The main priority was to blend into the landscape and to be safe for its users,” Will Alsop told GCA. “The course also had to be a gentle introduction for newcomers to the game and a challenge to experienced players wanting to improve their short game. I provided Sid with the shapes and general slopes for the greens and his team prepared the areas we marked out. Huxley Golf then installed the aggregate bases and the all-weather surfaces of the greens, tees and fringe surrounds and Sid and his team shaped and then seeded the fairways.”

The six greens on the course all measure the same size – 1,350 square metres. They do however each have a unique shape and different undulations.

“Huxley Golf worked with us over a period of 18 months to turn an under-utilised area of woodland into this stunning new feature,” said Alistair Booth, executive director of Frilford Heath Golf Club. “In my opinion, the team skillfully created an exceptionally high quality facility that can be used by young and old, novice and professional, and I am proud to have extended our offering in this way.”

The course’s opening was celebrated with an exhibition match which featured European Tour Professional Eddie Pepperell, who was previously a junior member at Frilford Heath.