NEWGIZA course to open for play in spring 2018

NEWGIZA course to open for play in spring 2018
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The development of a new golf course in Egypt is close to completion.

The NEWGIZA course has been designed by Thomson Perrett & Lobb, with Tim Lobb now readying the course for a soft opening in spring 2018.

The course is being built on the site of a former quarry, a few kilometres from the Giza necropolis, a World Heritage Site that includes the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and the Great Sphinx. It is located a few miles to the west of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

“The course at NEWGIZA is quite expansive and explores much of what is a large site,” Lobb told GCA. “The fourth hole in particular is sure to turn some heads as this par three hole has the Pyramids directly in the background. We are still building the hole and will be the final one finished.”

The course, which has taken four years to build, will complement the NEWGIZA development, which features a variety of residential lots.

“Within the design and during the construction phase we have tried to enhance the previous quarry features and have 50 feet plus vertical quarry walls up against some holes to add drama and retain the site characteristics within the playing experience,” Lobb said.

A video showing more of the new course is available here.