Nicklaus and Spence collaborate for Quixote Club

  • Quixote Club

    Construction work is under way at Quixote Club in Sumter, South Carolina

  • Quixote Club

    Nicklaus Design and Spence Golf are collaborating on the redesign project

  • Quixote Club

    The club aims to have the course open in autumn 2020

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Construction work is under way at the newly named Quixote Club in Sumter, South Carolina, which has been redesigned by Nicklaus Design and Spence Golf.


The new routing was designed by Kris Spence of Spence Golf, Jack Nicklaus II and David Savic of Nicklaus Design and will involve complete redesign of the back nine of the former Sunset Country Club, plus significant changes to holes three to six.


The project also includes the redesign of all greens, tees and fairways, enlarging and adding ponds, as well as an expansive practice area.


“We are very excited to be a part of such a comprehensive renovation project,” said Nicklaus II. “When I saw the property and owner Greg Thompson shared the club’s vision, I couldn’t wait to get started on the design plans. The land we are working with is beautiful, and it is special to be part of a project that will reinvest in the community.”


Spence is overseeing construction, having been involved in the project since the beginning, when he did some conceptual work for Thompson. “Spence lives close to the area and is an expert in restoring and revitalising some of these older ‘Ross-like’ courses,” said Tommy Hearden, business development associate at Nicklaus Design “We are thrilled to be collaborating on and working with Kris on this project”


“Our purpose is to connect, inspire, and change lives through golf,” said Thompson. “We are not only re-inventing and renaming this club, we are creating in a truly special golf experience.”


Thompson’s goals for Quixote Club include being recognised among the top ten courses in South Carolina and hosting an LPGA tournament.


“Through membership sales and corporate sponsors, the Quixote Club’s goal is to elevate our community by providing a world-class education to the youth in our area,” said Thompson.

“We understand that members will have to make a sacrifice during this construction phase. But these changes will be worth the wait.”


The club aims to have the redesigned course open in autumn 2020.