Nicklaus Design hired to create new golf course in US state of Kentucky


  • Lovely Golf Course

    The site of the new Legacy Point golf course

  • Lovely Golf Course

    The course is being developed near the city of Wilmore, Kentucky

  • Lovely Golf Course

    Nicklaus’ team is ‘planning very low-impact earthwork to shape the landscape’

  • Lovely Golf Course

    The new course will be the first in the city of Wilmore

Nicklaus Design hired to create new golf course in US state of Kentucky
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Nicklaus Design has been hired to create Legacy Point, a new golf course in the US state of Kentucky.

To be developed on a site near the city of Wilmore, the Legacy Point project sees Nicklaus return to the state where he developed the heralded Valhalla course in Louisville.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the legendary Jack Nicklaus and his golf course design company,” said John Loudon and Byron Holley, representatives for Legacy Point Capital, in a joint statement. “Our vision is to create a wonderful golf course through a sustainable design that embraces the environment, our members, services and amenities, and especially the surrounding community.”

Legacy Point is the second attempt to bring a Nicklaus-designed course to Kentucky’s Jessamine County, after plans 10 years ago for a course that would have been named Forest Creek fell through due to litigation issues.

These have now been resolved, and the Legacy Point Capital firm is now implementing plans for a course on the same site.

“Our team is focused on several objectives,” said Nicklaus. “I look forward to returning to the site soon to begin the design process, as we hope to create an exceptional golf experience, wrapped within this beautiful site and its natural surroundings. Legacy Point will have a strong emphasis on family and community, and our goal is to create a golf course that will not only be playable for all levels of golfers and all ages, but a source of great pride for the City of Wilmore and the Lexington community. With the site we have been given, there is enormous potential to create something unique and special.”

Nicklaus added: “In line with our design philosophy, we are planning very low-impact earthwork to shape the landscape, while preserving and enhancing the area’s natural heritage.”