Perth municipal appoints design team for new masterplan

  • Wembley Golf Course
    Wembley Golf Course

    CDP and Kruse Golf have been appointed as consulting architects for Wembley Golf Course in Perth, Australia

  • Wembley Golf COurse
    Brendan James/Golf Australia Magazine

    The two firms will analyse the public facility’s existing two golf courses before creating a masterplan

Amber Hickman
By Amber Hickman

Clayton, DeVries & Pont (CDP) and Kruse Golf have been appointed consulting architects for Wembley Golf Course in Perth, Australia. 

The design team will create a new masterplan for the busy public facility, which currently has two 18-hole courses, the Old and the Tuart, and an 80-bay driving range. 

“In a city with only half the population of either Melbourne or Sydney, it’s hard to imagine that the town of Cambridge’s Wembley Golf Course is Australia’s busiest golf facility,” said Harley Kruse. “Indeed it is, and the 36 holes of golf, 80 bay driving range, café, restaurant, and mini golf are humming every day of the week. 

“Not content to rest on its laurels, this benchmark public golf facility is looking to make its golf much better and diversify its offerings to provide many more golfing choices for all ages and abilities to play. “A better, traditional eighteen-hole course, a short layout, a par-three course, putting layout and a short-game practice and teaching area with lighting to extend its hours of use – these options are all for consideration as we commence a creative masterplanning process. It’s a project for thinking outside the traditional design box.” 

Mike Clayton, a partner at CDP, said: “Wembley’s courses are built on a perfect base of sand. The site’s undulation makes it ideal for golf. Matching the quality of the architecture with the quality of the land will make for the finest suburban public golf in mainland Australia. 

“As with our appointment at nearby Royal Perth, my colleagues and I greatly look forward to working with Harley thereby strengthening what is already a strong bond between our two firms.”