Positive feedback for Forse Design’s work at CC of Orlando

Positive feedback for Forse Design’s work at CC of Orlando
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A recently completed renovation project at the Country Club of Orlando in Florida has been received positively by the club’s membership

One of the state’s oldest clubs, the original design at CC of Orlando was done by Donald Ross, though little to none of his original work remains today.

Forse Design led the recent work and aimed to give the course’s greens more of a ‘Ross-feel’, while also making subtle alterations to other features on the course.

Drainage was completely reengineered, while some environmental swales were added. Renovations were also carried out to the driving range and three-hole short course.

The construction work was done by Landscapes Unlimited, while Forse was particularly complementary to the work of Josh Dunaway, the course’s superintendent.

“We’ve had great feedback about the work and players are delighted with the historic feel,” Forse said. “It’s playable while still providing a challenge, which was ultimately the aim. The reception at Country Club of Orlando has been universally positive, and the green committee tells me that it’s almost eerie in as much as there have been no complaints at all since work was completed!”