Rengstorf takes sustainable approach for bunker work at WINSTONgolf

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    Rengstorf Golf Design

    The project included reducing the bunker area by a third, while also increasing their visibility

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    Holger Rengstorf has renovated all bunkers on the Open golf course at WINSTONgolf in northern Germany

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    Rengstorf Golf Design

    Rengstorf has aimed to create a “strong visual impression”

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Holger Rengstorf has returned to the WINSTONOpen golf course at WINSTONgolf near Schwerin in northern Germany for a bunker renovation project.

The architect, who originally designed the layout in 2001, said the owner wanted to bring the “hidden secrets” of the course more into focus.

“A lot of bunkers had long, rolling faces,” said Rengstorf. “Erosion, maintenance, plus wear and tear were taking its toll and the overall maintenance hours were steadily growing. Bunkers were also not visible enough.”

Rengstorf drew up a plan that would see bunker area reduced by a third, thereby cutting labour costs for bunker maintenance, while also increasing their visibility.

“The new bunker strategy focuses on playability, pace of play and placement,” said Rengstorf. “Some bunkers were not really in play and have been eliminated, others were put more into play more in regard to the mental side of the game. The maintenance of the new bunkers will also be much faster, even with more hand raking.”

Profusion Environment, with assistance from course manager Jordan Tschimperle, began work in October 2020 and completed the project in March 2021.

“Even by reducing the overall size of bunkers, they will make a strong visual impression on every player,” said Rengstorf. “All hazards are well visible, and the quality of construction helps to underline the total quality of WINSTONgolf as one of Germany’s top golf destinations. I will not be surprised if players don’t believe that we reduced the bunker sizes, because the visible impression is so much stronger and better now.”

Tees on five holes have also been enlarged or relocated. “One example is the picturesque par-three seventh hole, which now has a new teeing ground that provides more variety for players’ first shot.”